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Ginger Remuera: Traditional Thai in a Modern Setting

Quietly nestled on Remuera road, Ginger is a light-filled, modern and elegant restaurant that proudly offers ‘traditional thai’ and nothing less. Amongst a surge of asian-fusion eateries in Auckland, Ginger boldly states that when you step inside its inviting doors you won’t be met with a collision of cuisines but with pure and authentic Thai food.

As an intimate space with backlit mood lighting, delicate accents and a pastel palette of pinks and blues, Ginger is the perfect spot for a cosy date night, dinner with clients or a catch-up with friends. The menu has been lovingly crafted by owner and head chef Lhin and is prepared each and every night by her team of award-winning Thai chefs. Many of the recipes on the menu have been passed down through Lynn’s family and are fittingly designed to be shared ‘family style’ meaning that each diner enjoys the chance to try multiple dishes. The family style service is a time honoured tradition in Thailand that allows for the entire family from grandparents through to toddlers to sit at a dinner table and each have something unique to enjoy.

When asked what her favourite dish was Lynn excitedly told us it was “all of them” but that each traditional Thai meal should always be balanced with the perfect blend of taste profiles including spicy, sweet, salty and sour.

If you’re not one to shy away from a multi-course affair, I would recommend ordering a few items from each course on the menu for a truly Thai experience.

Ginger Tacos: Though taco’s wouldn’t usually be considered a Thai delicacy, this is one dish where Ginger has shown how it has adapted to its New Zealand home with the addition of a purple kumara shell for its Ginger Taco. A signature dish, the ‘tacos’ are made with coconut, fried ginger and tamarind sauce drizzled over your choice of prawn or snapper and delicately wrapped in a crispy kumara shell designed to be popped in your mouth in one delicious bite.

At Ginger, vegetarian isn’t just an option cast to the side or a small (V) added as an afterthought; there is a fully dedicated vegetarian menu with thoughtfully crafted recipes to ignite flavour without the presence of meat. Many of the dishes are vegan and gluten free too meaning that no diner is left behind. 

Papaya Salad: Stepping into the vegetarian menu the Papaya salad was a true highlight. Green papaya doesn’t hold much flavour on its own so it’s ready and waiting for a kick of fresh chilli and Ginger delivers with a punchy, spicy salad that warms your mouth but is also fresh enough to leave you wanting more. 

Red Curry Salmon: This is the dish I can’t stop talking about, a curry sauce so delicious that it deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. Served with salmon so beautifully cooked it falls apart just looking at it and accompanied by Kaffir lime, fresh chillies, creamy coconut milk and steamed vegetables,the Red Curry will transport you to Thailand with fresh and simple flavours. 

Chicken Larb: Hailed as a healthy and refreshing salad option to balance out your Thai menu, Ginger’s Larb consists of minced beef, chicken, or pork cooked with lime juice, Thai herbs and chilli. With just the right amount of freshness and a little kick of spice, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your heavier main dishes. Speaking of which, no Thai meal is finished without a generous helping of Pad Thai…

Sweet and Sour Snapper: A much loved dish for its complementary flavour profiles, you can’t go wrong with sweet and sour. At Ginger, the sweet and sour dish is served with melt in your mouth snapper with a crispy coating, and paired with seasonal vegetables. The beauty of having fish as the hero is that it doesn’t carry the weight of other sweet and sour dishes, meaning there was plenty of room left for the crowd pleaser…Pad Thai.

Pad Thai: Traditional Pad Thai is served with no spice, just the perfect pile of saucy and decadent noodles that we all know and love. Never easy to turn down, Pad Thai only gets better when served traditionally. The flavour is subtly sweet with accents of peanut and chives that will have you walking away with the full Thai experience.

Dessert: Coming from a background as an experienced pastry chef, Lynn is quite the craftsman when it comes to the sweeter dishes. Because of this, she doesn’t offer a dedicated dessert menu, instead choosing to offer a ‘chef’s selection’ of dessert where she surprises her diners with delicacies that require no recipe, just decades of skill.

As if the food wasn’t enough, Ginger adds a level of care and precision in the detail and presentation of each dish that only serves to amplify what is already an incredible meal.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 5:30pm – 10pm

Address: 602 Remuera Road, Remuera