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Eight: An interactive set up of eight specialty kitchens at The Cordis

Eight Restaurant at The Cordis Hotel is bringing a whole new meaning to buffet-style dining! Throw away your memories of coveted kids parties at Cobb & Co, or Valentine’s, and later in life, your experiences of questionable food court buffets. The definition of the buffet has been rewritten at the Cordis as an interactive set up of eight specialty kitchens, each hosted by an expert chef preparing bespoke, made-to-order dishes while you watch.

American Grill: Cuts of succulent steak, ribs, chicken and a selection of vegetarian options thrown on the American-style wood-fired grill and cooked to your perfection.

Deli Salad Selection: Eight have done a great job at catering for vegetarians and the salad bar was one of the highlights for me. The selection included the spiced whole roasted cauliflower, miso-marinated eggplant, creamy hasselback kumara, orange with fennel and radicchio salad and the roast kumara with apple and spinach salad.

Chinese: Pork shumai, shrimp dumplings and fluffy homemade steamed pork buns create a mini Yum Cha experience at Eight without the stress of the hectic trolleys!

Seafood: Dive into a sea of fresh mussels, perfectly shucked oysters, crab and scallops or ask the chef to throw some juicy prawns or fish on the grill!

Indian: Naan bread was thrown in the traditional tandoor ready to be served fresh next to a range of traditional curries and homemade chutney.

Japanese: Expertly rolled sushi and carefully prepared sashimi with all the delicious Japanese condiments. 

Italian: Serving up the Italian pizza and pasta favourites like the creamy fettuccine or my go-to – a classic pepperoni pizza.

Dessert: You don’t come across a flowing chocolate fondue station very often so when you do, it would be rude not to dunk absolutely everything you come across in it. My favourites were the chocolate dunked strawberries and marshmallows!

Tips for dining at Eight:

  • Make sure you do the walk around and see what’s available first. Buffet style dining requires a degree of planning ahead if you want to fit it all in!
  • Don’t fill up on bread, as appetising as it might smell!
  • Go for the seafood first – especially the oysters
  • Choose dishes that you wouldn’t usually cook at home
  • Take the time to watch some of the chefs in action and order things that can be prepared right in front of you (it doubles as dinner and a show!) 

Eight Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday (we recommend going during the week to avoid the busy days!)