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Soho’s Secret – Modern Thai fusion with a cosmopolitan Twist

The Goodside is a bustling hub of boutique food and beverage artisans, nestled amongst a leafy indoor-outdoor setting in Takapuna. It’s a trusted hotspot for North Shore locals and has since become a destination for city-side foodies who are excited to make the quick trip over the bridge. 

It is also home to Soho, a modern Thai eatery and passion project of Poom and Jenny who have taken the dynamic flair from the heart of Manhattan’s Soho district and wrapped it around authentic yet experimental Thai fusion cuisine. When you think Thai you don’t necessarily think of ceviche, lamb ribs or fried squid, but when dosed in local Thai herbs and spices, and prepared with traditional cooking methods, you won’t be able to think about anything else! 

Soho’s secret? Local Thai ingredients and lots of it! Galangal ginger, Thai eggplant and kaffir limes which are all sourced from a local Thai farmer in Northland. Nothing is mass-produced instead working only with what the farmers are able to sustainably grow each season. Additional fresh produce is sourced from the Avondale markets where they look for unique ingredients to join part of their experimental philosophy.

Everything is made from scratch, with little to no waste. Whole fresh fish is filleted in house, with the bones used to create the fish stock that serves as the base of their Jungle Fish Curry. The curry pastes are aromatically authentic and combine the different flavours that hail from the regions where the founders grew up and the stock, sauce and curry paste is carefully perfected and refined over time (no packaged sauce is used in the Soho kitchen!)

Snapper Ceviche: Delicate slices of fresh local snapper are drizzled with Soho’s own Thai seafood dressing, and topped with Thai basil, kaffir lime and house-fried shallots. Equally pleasing to the eye as they are to the tastebuds, I could happily double up and enjoy this as a main.

Smoky Lamb Ribs: Chunky grilled lamb ribs with fragrant Thai apple salsa and a smear of incredibly moorish peanut greek labneh, a blend of greek yoghurt and Thai peanut sauce that was created as a lighter alternative to perfectly pair with lamb.

Fish Tacos: Thai-style tacos with grilled snapper and a fresh and fragrant salad, drizzled with nam chim dressing. A flavoursome dish to pair with some after-work cocktails or a light starter to enjoy before some of their more decadent mains.

Gai Yang Green Curry: This is Poom’s favourite dish and an absolute must for all you Green Curry lovers. Soho’s homemade curry paste brings a bold rich flavour to the dish, with the lightly marinated Thai-style grilled chicken soaking up the aromatic flavours of this creamy sauce.

The Soho vision was to bring the fun, social elements of the Soho district to Thai style dining. Soho have carefully created different dining pockets in the restaurant that offer Instagramable backdrops with neon lights and modern patterns and textures that will make every picture pop. After years in hospitality, Poom and Jenny are excited to have settled into a project they feel truly celebrates and represents their passion and although young, are eager to continue to experiment, refine and develop the menu! A spot to watch, venture over the bridge and enjoy Soho’s secret tonight!

Pricing: Mains $22 – $29

Hours: Tues – Wed 11:30am – 9pm, Thurs – Fri 11:30am – 10pm, Sat 9am – 10pm, Sun 9am – 9pm, Monday Closed