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We visit Andiamo with Loic

In Italian, the word Andiamo grab’s attention by encouraging you to get moving or to put it not so lightly, to hurry up! This Auckland eatery both demands your attention and deserves it. Boasting a fresh, Italian style menu, Andiamo sits proudly in the neighbourhood of Herne Bay and has been serving the decadence of Italy for more than three decades. Though for a short period this much loved space briefly became The Halcyon, after a swift acquisiton by Nourish Group in 2018, Andiamo was reinstated to its former glory (to many cheers from the community who had missed it!).

Both a local eatery and neighbourhood watering hole, Andiamo caters to the busy clientele of Jervois Road but its reputation also calls to those from all over Auckland, drawing them in with classic dishes, homemade pastas and the laid back, relaxed ambience of a coveted spot in the sunshine.

Giving back to the people who love it the most, Andiamo offers a ‘locals lunch’ of two divine courses and a glass of your favourite drop for just $35. With bruschetta and malfatti, tortellini and pork bombette to choose from, Andiamo ensures its local patrons are well looked after. 

Overall, Andiamo boasts a charming, laidback and beautifully curated menu that speaks to it’s Italian heritage with the addition of modern New Zealand touches and niceties that we have come to know and love. The perfect place to enjoy a long lunch with friends or impress a new date, Andiamo has been and always will be a beloved Auckland eatery.

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Address: 194 Jervois Road, Ponsonby


Hours: Tuesday 4pm – 11pm, Wednesday – Sunday 12pm – 11pm, Monday closed