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What To Order At: Chinoiserie

I’ve dined in the prettiest courtyards in Paris, the hot spots of LA, the beachfront eateries in St Tropez and although memorable in their own way, I am yet to find something that can beat the local street food in Asia. It’s the full experience. Eating on a table so close to the road that you can feel the scooters brush past your shoulder while slurping a Laksa. The clash of neon stall lights and vendors yelling amongst themselves in the kitchen or to passers-by to come inside. The smells that are escalated in the heat of the night and flavours that cannot be replicated other than within the family of those who created them.

While street food isn’t a concept that we have grasped back home, there are a number of street styled eateries that are bridging the gap and bringing us closer to the curb side goodness of Asian street food culture. Located right next to a petrol station, with its flickering neon light is Chinosorie, a Taiwanese street food bar and eatery tucked away in the suburb of Mt Albert.

What to order at Chinosorie:

Gong Gong Noodles: This is the underdog of the menu. It’s a must. Bold and punchy in flavour, once you start you cant stop. Wheat noodles swim in a rich sesame sauce, topped with pork mince, crunchy beans, coriander and spicy nuts.

Squid: Crunchy coconut crusted squid rings, with a squeeze of lemon juice and drizzled with their secret sauce. Jared had hyped up this sauce on the drive there and it deserved every word it’s a must-have doused over the squid.

Popcorn Chicken: Tender free-range chicken, lightly fried and super crunchy, served with tangy Gong sauce and aioli sprinkled with herbs.

Pork Gua Bao: A thick slice of braised pork belly with salted choy, their secret sweet sauce and crushed peanuts sit within a fluffy steamed bun.

Squid Gua Bao: The crunchy coconut squid rings with pickled carrot and daikon, smothered in Gochugaru chili mayo and topped with nori.


Address: 4 Owairaka Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland

Opening hours: Mon – Thurs 5pm – 9pm, Fri and Sat 4pm – 9:30pm and Sun 4pm – 9pm